Etsy Roundup: Pretty Paintings

Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop for affordable art. In today’s Etsy roundup, I’d like to tell you about five artists who create pretty paintings and prints to adorn our walls.

1. Janet Hill Studio

Janet Hill offers a delightful selection of whimsical prints with a feminine touch. Her work features a cast of stylish characters and their animals in colorful vintage scenes. Each piece will surprise you again and again with its fun details.

Image via Etsy. Art by Janet Hill of Janet Hill Studio.

2. Solo Work Studio

Cathy Horvath Buchanan uses vibrant colors in her modern folk art paintings. She paints charming scenes of houses, churches, and lighthouses nestled along country roads. Some of her pieces include seasonal touches such as snow, pumpkins, or blooming poppies. Her work reminds me of my childhood in New England.

Image via Etsy. Art by Cathy Horvath Buchanan of Solo Work Studio.

3. Pamela Jones Art Studio

Pamela Jones paints delightful watercolors depicting the seaside landscapes of England, Ireland, and Wales. I was drawn to her Etsy shop by the rich blue and green hues and bright white houses in her paintings. I also adore her darling little sheep!

Image via Etsy. Art by Pamela Jones of Pamela Jones Art Studio.

4. Hayley Mitchell Art

Hayley Mitchell paints a variety of subjects, but my favorites are these striking ladies. There are several in this series, each evoking a different feeling with her unique personality and enchanting color scheme. I can’t decide which one I like best!

Image via Etsy. Art by Hayley Mitchell of Hayley Mitchell Art.

5. Spring Hofeldt

Spring Hofeldt paints everyday objects so realistically, you’ll want to reach into the painting to touch them. I’m amazed by her ability to paint light and shadows! Her playful prints often feature birds, fish, and other animals.

Image via Etsy. Art by Spring Hofeldt.

Do you have a favorite Etsy artist for paintings or prints? If so, please share in the comments!






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