I’m Joy, and this is Room for Joy, a lifestyle blog intended to help you find joy in the ordinary and create a life of beauty and purpose. I enjoy writing about interior design, home organization, travel, books, family, and food – especially desserts!

I grew up in Connecticut, where I cultivated a love for houses by poring over Better Homes & Gardens and watching This Old House with my mom. My style mixes modern furnishings with antiques, unusual accessories, and colorful art.

I also have fond childhood memories of snacking from my Pop’s vegetable gardens and baking with my mom and Gram. My love of Italian food and culture comes from my dad, whose parents were Italian immigrants.

I married Derek in 2001, and we have been on the move ever since, living in beautiful coastal cities such as Annapolis, MD; Norfolk, VA; Jacksonville, FL; and (currently) Charleston, SC. We vacation in the Adirondacks every summer, and try to visit a new city with our boys every year.

Image credit: Melissa Griffin Photography

I have a degree in media arts, but I spent most of my career in hospitality and event planning. I left the workforce 12 years ago to support my husband’s career and be at home with our two boys. Blogging has become my creative outlet!

When I’m not daydreaming about future house projects, you’ll probably find me at a Bible study, a boys’ soccer game, or one of the fantastic restaurants here in Charleston.

Thank you for visiting! I hope Room for Joy will inspire you to appreciate the little things in life today. Enjoy!